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Zenterra Performance - What are the DIN Standards?

The DIN Standards were developed in Germany and are recognized worldwide as the best method for evaluating sports floors.  The standards were developed to ensure that aerobic athletes received the greatest degree of safety and performance from a flooring surface when participating in aerobic exercise.  Dr. Peter Francis, a member of the Board of Advisors for IDEA and a researcher in the field of exercise safety at San Diego State University advises, "the German DIN Standards are the only known criteria for safe aerobic floors."  The construction of Zentura has been tested under these standards and has been found to meet or exceed them, as shown in the table below.

For more information about the DIN Standards, visit the DIN home page by clicking on the logo at right.


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Certification Test Results for DIN Standard 18032 Part II
Test results as reported by Otto Graff Institut, Stuttgart, Germany

Floor Test DIN Standard Exerflex Floor Meets/Exceeds


Shock Absorption

Minimum 53%

63.7% X

Insufficient shock absorption causes activity related injuries to ankle and knee joints.  Correct shock absorption reduces fatigue and significantly lowers the risk of injury.

Resilience Minimum 2.3mm 2.3mm X

Inadequate energy return in a floor causes sore ankles and a surface too "hard" for safe, strenuous activity.  Excessive energy return creates a trampoline effect and potential for injury.

Surface Friction Minimum 0.5

Maximum 0.7

0.5 X

Rotating and pivoting motions create strain on joints without the proper friction coefficients to minimize stress.  On a friction scale of .1 (ice) to .9 (fly paper), .5-.7 is the DIN Standard.  At .5, Exerflex is perfect, even providing for the demands of platform and other high impact routines.

Impact Isolation W500

Maximum 15%




Without proper impact isolation, participants' movements can interfere with each other, creating the possibility of injury.  The standard allows for 15% deflection, 20" from the point of impact.  Exerflex exceeds that by providing over 86% isolation at 20".

Surface Stability Minimum 1500N 1500N X

Proper foot stability is essential to reducing foot roll-over and other injuries to participants.  This is a fundamental advantage of the Exerflex floor system compared to carpeted or vinyl aerobic surfaces.

As virtually every flooring manufacturer has test results, you should compare their results with the figures above.


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