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It's the most renewable flooring designed for fitness and yoga.

Until now, any bamboo flooring that was used in fitness was simply commercial bamboo that was nailed down into a specially constructed sub-floor.  That's a system that was clearly not created to take  the needs of athletes participating in fitness activities.  Zenterra was designed exclusively for athletes.

Additionally, not all bamboo flooring is the same.  Sure, you can buy a less expensive commercially available bamboo floor, but you must be careful about its quality.  Many bamboo floors can be soft and so are easily dented and scratched in a commercial application.   Zenterra is specially tested for hardness to ensure that denting and scratching will be at a minimum.

Zenterra is a solid bamboo flooring system that is factory finished with a fitness traction coating.   Because it comes to you prefinished, installation is quick and easy and maintenance is as easy as any hardwood flooring system.  The unique clip installation method also allows for a flooring system that can be moved or reconfigured if the need arises.

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  • solid plank - your Zenterra floor can be sanded and refinished a number of times, ensuring a floor that will last a lifetime.
  • free-floating - not held down to the subfloor with permanent fasteners so that if you need to move your facility, your floor comes with you.

    ease of installation - so much so that many of our customers choose to install it themselves.  Of course we also have a network of factory trained installers.

    easy to maintain - it's as easy as any hardwood floor.  Simple vacuuming and weekly damp mopping is all that is needed.

    completely prefinished - so there is no additional delay after installation for sanding and finishing of the floor.

    warranted - so that you can be assured that the product is of the highest quality and will perform for years.


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